WiDEF is committed to closing the gender digital divide by scaling evidence-based, proven solutions that improve women’s livelihoods, economic security and resilience.

We aspire to shift the trajectory of digital ecosystems so that women and marginalized populations, including youth and young women, disabled, indigenous, LGBTQI+, and rural women, have equitable access to safe, affordable, and meaningful online participation.

Find out more about the latest round of technical assistance.

Note: The WiDEF application is hosted on the GSMA Innovation Fund portal. Please proceed to submit your application.

WiDEF invites large private sector enterprises to apply for technical assistance to scale solutions to help close the gender digital divide.

This open, competitive award will provide the selected private sector enterprises with bespoke technical assistance to optimize and scale a solution that:

  • Drives digital inclusion of women through meaningful access to and use of accessible digital technology, particularly smartphones and the internet.  
  • Significantly closes the gender digital divide in their context.  
  • Is commercially sustainable and scalable.  

WiDEF will provide selected applicants with technical assistance for up to two years to support their efforts to address the gender digital divide.  

Here are a few illustrative examples of types of bespoke technical assistance:  

  1. Research
    Example: to understand the barriers and needs of underserved segments of women to inform actions to better reach and support these women with specific products​ and/or services

  2. Evaluation
    Example: to assess the success of existing products or services for women to inform changes/replication
  1. User testing/design
    Example: specific approaches​, products, or ​services to ensure they best meet the needs of underserved women

  2. Product adaptation/iteration
    Example: through analysis of service usage data, user feedback and further design research

  3. Business modelling or support for scaling planning

For more information on the technical assistance round, attend ​one of the​​ ​upcoming webinar​s​ on 31st July:  

Submit your application online by 12th September at 11:59 pm BST. 

Note: The WiDEF application is hosted on the GSMA Innovation Fund portal. Please proceed to submit your application.

Future opportunities

A third round of WiDEF support focused on India will be announced later in 2024.

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