Improving women’s livelihoods, economic security, and resilience.

The Women in the Digital Economy Fund (WiDEF) is a $60M+ initiative that will identify, directly fund, and accelerate investment in proven solutions to close the gender digital divide – including women-led solutions, products, and tools – thereby improving women’s livelihoods, economic security, and resilience. Launched in March 2023, WiDEF’s founding partners include USAID and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  

The data are a clear call to action to do more to ensure women are not being left behind in an increasingly digital world and that women, their communities and the broader economy reap the significant benefits of being connected. The internet provides women with critical access to information, services, and opportunities, including those related to health care, education, financial services, and income generation.

Recognizing the urgent need to reverse these trends, WiDEF aims to drive change across five pillars of equitable digital inclusion: access and affordability; relevant products and tools; literacy and skills; safety and security; and data and insights.

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